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Stand Up for Polar Bears

by Bianca Cimini

polar bear 2Did you know that global warming is not only a concern to our well-being, but to polar bears? As climate change continues to heat up and melt sea ice, polar bears are running out of places to live. According to the National Wildlife Federation, “U.S. Geological Survey projects that two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050.” The warmer weather is a serious threat to our polar friends.

 Once the ice melts, many polar bears are unable to swim long distances. Many do not make it, and those who do are finding it harder to hunt and find sustenance. With seals as their main food source, without any ice caps, there aren’t any seals around for the hunt. This is especially tough for mother bears who are looking to provide for their cubs (aside from themselves).

 Due to this decline in habitat, polar bears were listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act in 2008. Unless we take immediate action to reduce the impact of global warming pollution, polar bears may remain on the list for good.

 polar bear 4Reducing the effects of global warming is a large scale issue, but that doesn’t mean each individual can’t contribute. Some of the best ways to help reduce global warming can happen in your own home and backyard. Planting more trees, reducing waste, and conserving water are all ways to do your part. Get outside and plant this summer. Take shorter showers to save water. Together, we can make a difference to lessen our carbon footprint, and do our best to preserve the beautiful wildlife we have sharing the Earth with us – starting with the polar bears.

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