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“J’Aime Claude Beau Chien” (for all dog owners and dog lovers)

Claude 14 Claude 5I am a dog lover.  I grew up with a miniature poodle, and while raising my own family, had a beagle and a border collie.  I loved them all, but none as much as my silver standard poodle, “J’Aime Claude Beau Chien,” his pedigree name.   Claude, or “Claudie” as he was affectionately called by all, was not your typical dog.  He lived the life of a much adored child in our home. Claude 12 He was never boarded, he was never without a family member, (with the exception of his monthly two hour stay at the groomer,)   he was at my father’s side while he was sick, and at my mother’s side since my dad passed, more than 12 years ago.  Claude 9

Claude was with us from the time he was eight weeks old.  He came from “Jateko Breeders” and a long line of champions. He was well trained after one week and never had a misstep.  As a puppy he would sleep on my head, so my hair was against his body. Claude 6 As he matured, he would slowly take over my side of the bed, and I happily relinquished it to him.  We watched TV together, ate the same “people” food, and but for his Eukanuba, followed the same diet.   Claude 2Claude lived a charmed life without a complaint and was the perfect well behaved passenger on our many long road trips from New York to Florida. Claude 3 He was always eager to visit “grandma and grandpa” and always overly enthusiastic when he got presents for birthdays and holidays.  

Claude and Me so happy I am homeClaude gave so much and was the recipient of so much love and affection.  He was a welcomed patient at the Vet, where everyone loved him and he was known lovingly as “the world’s biggest lap dog,” because as soon as he would enter the office, he would climb onto my lap and tuck his head into my armpit. We were shocked to learn upon a visit to the Veterinarian, around the time of his 13th birthday, that he had a malignant contained mass in his spleen that had spread to his lung.  We listened, devastated, in disbelief as the Vet told us “he may have 3-7 weeks.”   We canceled all of our travel plans, and I knew I would be close to home and spend as much time with Claudie as possible.  I worked around a schedule so he would never be alone.  If we had to leave him for a short while, he would jump onto “Claudie’s chair” and I would tell him not to worry, that “Grandpa is watching him.”   This became a standard routine.  Claude 4

We also scoured the Internet and found a product called “Nu-Vet.”  Nu Vet CanineWe read many testimonials of pet owners praising the product, writing that the “NuVet K-9 Plus” vitamin supplements shrunk tumors in their dogs.  With nothing to lose, we ordered the supplements and followed the instructions … “if your dog is in a compromised state, give 3 wafers a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.”   Remember “NuVet” – these vitamins gave Claudie almost 2 healthy years since his grim diagnosis.   We lost Claude last week, on my father’s birthday, fitting as I always told Claude that Grandpa was watching over him.  Claude was almost 15 years old.  He never suffered.  He went out for walks and tried to play with his favorite toys, Claude 10rocks from the backyard, “lion” and “porky” until his final hours.   He passed away like he lived, quietly without a complaint.  For me, no pet can replace him, and I will probably never have another dog.  I will cherish the 15 years with Claudie, and happily baby sit for my grand dog.   I will always love and miss you, Claude!  I cherish the wonderful memories and happy times, and all the love you brought to our family.  Claude 7         

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