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Music Trio ‘The Gondoliers’ Donate Funds to Venice in Peril



by Sarah Howell

The gorgeous city of Venice, Italy has faced many threats over the years. These threats have been a consistent companion to the inhabitants of the city for generations – overabundant tourism, pollution, flooding, finance, and unemployment, just to name a few. Fortunately there exists a campaign to help ensure that Venice stays preserved for the generations to come.

Venice in Peril was founded after the great floods of Venice and Florence in 1966 and helps raise funds to restore and conserve works of art and architecture. Not only that, but proceeds also go toward ensuring the sustainability of Venice and helping to alleviate ecological, demographic, and socio-economic issues. The Fund is supported by many benefactors, both private and corporate, but one such benefactor has a very special tie to the city.

Musical trio, “The Gondoliers” consists of Luca, Michael, Claudio, and together these gentlemen capture the sounds and senses of Venice through their smooth, rich, romantic sound. It’s not difficult to see why this group would be so passionate about saving their city.

Every day, more than 60,000 tourists descend upon Venice, which is more than the city’s entire population. It’s true that without tourists boosting the economy, Venice might very well see itself in worse economic condition, but Venice is a fragile city. Cruise ships cause the tides to erode building foundations, tourists contribute to pollution, and families who have lived in Venice for generations are being priced out by those who want a small slice of the city for themselves.

And if that weren’t enough, Venice also has to worry about climate change and the slow sinking of the city into the waters surrounding it.

But Venice in Peril has covered most – if not all – bases. To date, they have disbursed millions of pounds for restoration, financed essential studies and publications, provided sources for articles or programs regarding environmental issues with the city, and organized events such as lectures, debates, conferences, galas, concerts, and receptions to educate and raise money for the vital work they provide.

When it comes to saving a city as precious as Venice, every cent counts. The Gondoliers are no stranger to giving to charity, and will continue the tradition with donating a percentage of their album sales to Venice in Peril. Since Venice and gondoliers go hand in hand, the trio’s voices will not only set hearts aflame with love for the city, but will draw attention to its critical issues. In doing so, benefactors such as the Gondoliers will help preserve the timeless beauty Venice has to offer.

For more information regarding Venice in Peril, please visit their website.

For more information and to listen to the gorgeous sounds of the Gondoliers, please visit their website as well.

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