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TripAdvisor’s Exclusive “Green” Club

by Sarah Howell

With the popularity of TripAdvisor’s GreenLeader’s program, which showcases eco-friendly hotels and B&Bs for travelers wishing to stay green, it’s no surprise that the company made the announcement that they will now also feature eco-friendly places in Canada and Europe.

Together with the United Nations Environment Program, the U.S. Green Building Council, Energy Star, and the International Center for Responsible Tourism Canada, the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program will assist travelers not only in the United States, but also around the world in choosing places to visit and stay that engage in environmentally friendly practices.

Hotels and B&Bs in the U.S. were previously able to apply for TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders status, but now places in 19 other markets, including Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain are also able to apply. This will likely mean an upward swing in revenue, as TripAdvisor is one of the leading travel websites.

Hotels and B&Bs that wish to acquire GreenLeader status can apply online. Each application will be assessed against holistic environmental practices which include linen and towel re-use, recycling, composting, solar panel usage, electric car charging stations, and green roofing. With each criteria reached, the hotel or B&B can reach certain levels on the GreenLeader scale.

“With so many travelers placing an importance on the eco-friendly practices of the places they visit, hotel and B&B owners stand to gain a real competitive edge by promoting their environmentally friendly practices,” said Jenny Rushmore, director of responsible travel at TripAdvisor. “Our TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program will enable businesses managing their environmental footprint to highlight their commitment to millions of travelers around the world, at no expense to their business.”

TripAdvisor has also been collecting eco-friendly tips from other users which have recently been made available for other users to peruse under the “tips” section of the property pages of hotels and B&Bs.

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