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Happy, Healthy, Eco-friendly Pets

by Sarah Howell

Some may consider keeping up with your pet and remaining eco-friendly to be a bit of a challenge. Should focus on one outweigh the other? Do you have to neglect your green habits for the sake of your pet? With these helpful tips, you won’t have to sacrifice your values for your beloved companion.


Start green right from the beginning of your relationship by opting to adopt your pet rather than purchasing at the pet store. There are many, many benefits of adopting rather than purchasing, such as not funding puppy mills and giving a home to the three million dogs and cats that are put down each year.

Compose Pet Waste

With dogs and cats producing over 10 million tons of waste a year, it’s easy to simply throw it away. However that waste usually ends up never decomposing thanks to the plastic bag it sits in, or can find its way into sewers and drinking water. Instead, use your pet’s waste to create a composter in your backyard.

Non-Toxic Home Grooming

If human shampoo and conditioner is chock full of chemicals, imagine what your pet’s shampoo is filled with. Dr. Brommer’s Castile Soap is a good alternative.

Green Food

Okay, not technically green in color, but still wholesome and healthy. Some pet foods on the market are the equivalent of human junk food, especially when labeled with “animal by-product,” which usually consists of the worst leftover meat scraps. Research has found that the “meat” comes from animals that are classified as “4-Ds,” which means they were “dead, dying, diseased, or disabled.” Unhealthy as well as utterly disgusting. Instead, make sure your pet food claims USDA Certification, or go the extra mile to make homemade pet food.


If you don’t want BPA in your plastic products, you certainly wouldn’t want them in your pet’s toys. And some toys are even made from rubber or plastic that have been dyed. Hemp toys are a good alternative that will surely keep your pet happy and healthy.

Source: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/how-to-be-a-conscious-and-eco-friendly-pet-guardian/

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